Central control and management of workstations

Now at version 3 and successfully deployed with major US & UK broadcasters, Production Selector is a software configuration tool that allows simple and complete control over workflows across multiple workstations. This includes Avid Interplay, ISIS/NEXIS, Media Composer, Pro Tools, Adobe, EVS, Quantel and many other creative systems.

Reduce Costs

Huge financial savings on support resources with centralised system administration.

Save Valuable Production Time

Select a production and immediately start working. Essential for organisations with large freelance workforces.

Increase Utilisation

No longer have resources sitting idle.

Disaster Recovery

Instantly switch system configurations to facilitate disaster recovery plans.

Automate Workflows

Replace manual processes with integrated application automation and create your own custom workflows.

Simplify Training

No need to train users in complex workflows.

Simple User Interface

Easy to use with a single mouse click and no language barriers.

Control Application & OS Settings

Interfaces with most applications & compatible with all versions of windows.

Track Resource Usage

Monitor what resources are being used.


Production Selector consists a number of optional components:

1. Client Software – licenced per client either with a perpetual licence or on an annual basis. Quantity and site discounts are available.

2. Professional Services for the initial consultation, configuration & installation.

3. On Site Training in administration, configuration and user acceptance.

4. On-going support tailored to suit your needs with regular software updates.


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For additional information or to arrange a demonstration please contact:

Azumi Technology Ltd

Email: info@productionselector.com

Tel: +44 20 3603 2305